Making Kürtös

Here’s an amazing street food: Kürtös Kalács, a traditional Hungarian sweet cake produced by street vendors in Transylvania. The only thing more fun than watching them make it is eating the kürtös fresh off the fire. This video is also posted on YouTube at

Poems, Dances and Songs

Ialoveni students performed poems, dances and songs to welcome Claudia Partole, a popular Moldovan author of children’s stories and other books. She spoke at the local library. Don’t miss Champa receiving her certificate. (The video is also on YouTube at

Diamond Challenge Finals

Aspiring young entrepreneurs from across Moldova competed in the final round of Diamond Challenge. They pitched their ideas, hoping to win $1,000 and a trip to America. The team I mentored, buk, finished second in the business category. You can see them in the video below (on YouTube at Who finished first? Watch and be inspired.

Funny Peace Corps Videos

It helps to have a sense of humor if you’re a Peace Corps volunteer. Over the years, volunteers around the world have produced funny videos about their experiences. Here are three of my favorites. If you know of other funny Peace Corps videos that could be added to this list, please add a comment and share your suggestion.