10 thoughts on “Video of Nepal Trip”

    1. Thanks Barry. Sure, I remember having a bad asthma attack during the Vipassana training in Kathmandu. One of the organizers kept telling me, “just concentrate on your breath” and I could only think, “trust me, I’m definitely concentrating on my breath right now.” It went downhill from there but I remain a Vipassana fan.


  1. David – Beth and I watched your Nepal video last night. What a wonderful way to experience the joy and love of your family’s adventure. And, as a long-ago videographer myself, I was really impressed with the production quality and your excellent storytelling. Thanks very much for sharing this magical video journal with us – we truly loved it!

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  2. Hi David

    What a wonderful video! It is such a special gift for your family to have this to remember your reunion.

    So well done!

    love to you and Champa, Sue


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