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Back to America – II

There were at least a dozen reasons why we enjoyed returning to the States earlier this month on vacation from our service in Peace Corps Moldova. I posted six last time; here are six more:

American Food

We’ve eaten well in Moldova but missed American foods. We wasted no time back home in enjoying goodies like those shown above: North Carolina barbecue, New York breakfast treats and Vietnamese pho.


We rented a lodge in Virginia’s mountains with our sons and their families. Together we went river rafting, visited Luray Caverns, made S’mores and played games.


We’ve missed a year with our friends in Durham and Washington, D.C. This was our chance to catch up with them.

Our dog

We also had a joyful reunion with Bailey, our dog. She is doing great with the family taking care of her. Good dog, Bailey!


In Washington, we visited the new National Museum of African American History and Culture and other sites.


Finally, our time away gave us a chance to reflect on our Peace Corps service and then return to Moldova with a renewed sense of commitment.

Now we’re back and gearing up for our second year. I have two important meetings on Tuesday, Champa is starting a grant project and we’re looking forward to all of it. Before long, we’ll need another vacation.








Back to America – I

We just returned to Moldova after visiting our family and friends in the States. It was a great vacation for at least a dozen reasons. Let’s start with six:


We’ve been dreaming for more than a year about the hugs we’d receive from these six children. We weren’t disappointed.


We saw other family members, too, especially at a big party organized by our son and daughter-in-law in Philadelphia.


We marched in Philadelphia’s annual Fourth of July parade with returned Peace Corps volunteers from the area. It was great to hear so many people cheering for the Peace Corps, as you can see in this video. (Don’t miss Champa’s flag!)


We were reminded of America’s natural beauty in places such as Luray Caverns and the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens.


America has changed since we left. We wanted to see it with our own eyes.

Peace Corps

We remained engaged with our jobs, giving two talks about the Peace Corps in Durham and meeting with the leaders of the National Peace Corps Association in Washington, D.C.

In my next post, I’ll share six more reasons why we treasured our vacation back home.