A ‘Second Act Story’

The Second Act Stories podcast has just published a new episode, “At 63, He Joined The Peace Corps and Moved to Moldova.”

If you ever wondered why I would walk away from a wonderful job and friends at Duke, you’ll find the answer here. Host Andy Levine asked great questions and even spoke with Alisa from our Moldovan host family.

I don’t plan to share all of the coverage of my new book, but Andy tells our story especially well in just under 20 minutes.

If you are an experienced podcast listener, you can connect to the Second Act Stories podcast on Apple Podcasts (for iPhones), Stitcher (for Androids), Spotify, GooglePlay, iHeartRadio and others. If you are new to podcasts, you can listen to this episode directly from the Second Act Stories website. While you’re there, check out some of the other “second acts” Andy has profiled, as well as his Best Books About Second Acts and other resources.

For more information about my new book, a book website has ordering details, blurbs, photos and other information.

Thanks Andy, and thanks to my sister Nancy Collamer, the author of a terrific book on Andy’s list and an inspiration for mine, for bringing us together.


2 thoughts on “A ‘Second Act Story’”

  1. Hi David:
    I loved listening to this podcast/interview; I have been following (some would say trolling) your entire adventure on the blog since 2016 and am so very impressed. Though not surprised, I feel very moved by your spirit of volunteerism. Keep up this good work. Hearing your voice on the podcast took me right back to North Caswell!
    Katie Hicks


    1. Katie, what an unexpected and wonderful surprise to get your message. Thank you for the kind words. I am glad you’ve enjoyed the posts and hope you and Henry will like the book as well. I trust you are both doing well and look forward to meeting up again before too long. In the meantime, you can review your geography and see that it was South (not North) Caswell. 😊 David


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