The Smokehouse Experiment

Smokehouse, a restaurant opened here in Moldova by two former Peace Corps Volunteers, shows how some PCVs contribute even more to a country after they finish their service.  It’s serving up optimism with a side of slaw

WorldView, the magazine of the National Peace Corps Association, just published this article I wrote about Smokehouse. You can read it below or link to this PDF version: WorldView – Smokehouse Experiment.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 3.08.30 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-09 at 3.08.50 PM

4 thoughts on “The Smokehouse Experiment”

  1. Hi David, thank you for sharing the Smokehouse article. I am writing to you as a staff member of the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State. Elaine Marshall, NC Secretary of State, is co-chair of the NC/Moldova Bilateral Partnership Agreement. It’s quite likely that you have crossed paths with many of the North Carolinians who travel to Moldova to provide humanitarian aid. In 2015 and 2016, our Department coordinated shipments of medical supplies and textbooks to Moldova. The 2016 shipment completely filled the cargo space of a National Guard C-17 cargo plane. We believe we are very close to having funds for another shipment early next year. With prior shipments we have included books for Peace Corps volunteers. So with a very long introduction to get to the point of my message, would you like some books for the local library or school in Ialoveni? If so, let me know and we will gladly send some your way?

    Best regards,
    Betty Laws


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