Where Are You, Reader?

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 11.27.18 AMMore than 12,000 readers have visited “Not Exactly Retired” since its launch two years ago. I was curious where all of you are located, so recently ran a search on WordPress, which hosts the site.

Here are the results, in order.

Not surprisingly, the largest group of readers is in the United States, followed by Moldova, where we are serving as Peace Corps Volunteers.

The Top Five also includes Nepal, where Champa was born and we maintain close ties, so that’s not a surprise either. Nor is Romania, which is next to Moldova, especially since I wrote a series of stories in April about our trip to Transylvania, some of which were featured on sites within the country.

Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 12.02.12 PMSome of the other “Top Dozen,” though, surprised me. Who are all of you reading “Not Exactly” in Ecuador or the Philippines? Are you fellow Peace Corps Volunteers in those countries? How about in India, Germany and Italy? I know at least one loyal reader in Singapore (hi Corinna!), but who are the rest of you? The data provided by WordPress provide only a glimpse.

I’d love to hear from you, even if your country is not on this list. You may be in one of the other countries shown in yellow on the map. I’m so happy to be sharing our journey with you. Please comment here or send me a message at djarmul@gmail.com. Tell me who you are!

5 thoughts on “Where Are You, Reader?”

  1. Hello David. I am a current PCV serving in Ukraine. I have been here since March and started following you in January, as I was preparing to leave the US. A friend shared a post you wrote about your decision to join the Peace Corps after retirement, since I did the same thing. I have enjoyed your blog and would love to meet you and Champa if you ever decide to cross the Ukrainian border. Actually, since I am supposed to be promoting tourism in my town, come to Kalush!
    Patricia Deignan


    1. Hi Patricia. What a wonderful message! It made my day. Champa and I hope to make a short visit to Ukraine in late October/early November but, alas, it’s likely to be in Kiev. We also hope to make a quick trip to Odessa at some point. I know it’s supposed to be beautiful in western Ukraine, where you are, but we don’t have enough vacation days. Needless to say, we would also be pleased to show you around Chisinau!


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