Signs for Staying Weird

FullSizeRender 267

I bet that sign got your attention.

As someone who works in communications, I’m always interested in how people and businesses share their messages. Champa and I saw some funny examples Wednesday night as we strolled along Sixth Street, the heart of Austin’s bar scene. Here are a couple of the other signs we passed:

FullSizeRender 266 FullSizeRender 264

There was even advertising above the urinals in the men’s bathroom:

FullSizeRender 263

Here’s one interesting statistic from our evening: Of the nine middle-aged women sitting near us in the restaurant, eight had blonde hair. Welcome to Texas! Here we are, with me doing some research. (We’re drinking water. Really.)

FullSizeRender 262 FullSizeRender 268

We hope Austin stays weird, as its slogan says. Great town! Now, on to New Orleans.

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