Africa in the Attic

One of the world’s great private collections of West African art was hidden until recently in the Durham attic of two returned Peace Corps Volunteers, Reggie and Celeste Hodges. Now they’re donating to North Carolina museums many of their hundreds of masks, statues and other precious objects. It’s a remarkable story, which I tell in this article just published by WorldView, the magazine of the National Peace Corps Association.

Click to open a PDF copy of the article.

Learn more at Reggie and Celeste’s website.


2 thoughts on “Africa in the Attic”

  1. David and Champa Your Posts are always interesting and a pleasure to read. Thanks for sending, We do participate in some of the programs here at Camp Liverspots (Jill’s designation).Most are audience-centered. Have not been finding enough time to write (a solitary activity). Love from Marv and me Charlotte


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