2 thoughts on “Jewish Cemetery”

  1. David, I’ve been enjoying your posts from Moldova! I just saw your piece on the Jewish cemetery, just a few hours after I heard an interesting story on NPR about another Jewish cemetery, in Thessalonia (I think!), Greece. It had been destroyed during WWII, and the crumbled headstones had been used since then in building materials, so it’s possible to see a chunk of stone with Hebrew writing on it as part of the pavement. Some people there are making it their mission to return the headstones to a central location, and to translate them as best they can. Young people there don’t even know that there was a large Jewish population there once. See if you can check it out–it was aired on Friday, June 16. I just looked for the link but couldn’t find it, but here’s yet another story of an old Jewish cemetery–I didn’t realize that this was a “thing!” Here’s the one I didn’t hear: https://www.pri.org/stories/2017-06-15/czech-town-renowned-its-history-anti-semitism-would-forget-its-jewish-past


  2. Thanks for the nice comment and for sharing the PRI story, Deborah. I expect the chilling anecdote at the end of it had special resonance for you, given the name. Hi to David and thanks again!


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