Maria’s Kitchen: Slicing Mamaliga

If you’re a Southerner who just has to eat a piece of cornbread, you’d probably slice it with a knife.

img_8240Not here in Moldova. My host mother, Maria, shown here with her husband Vladimir, is an amazing cook, so I’m going to feature her in occasional posts about Moldovan cuisine. On Sunday, while Champa was visiting, she served us mamaliga, which is a denser version of American cornbread.

img_8232In this brief video, she demonstrates the traditional method of slicing mamaliga with a string. You can hear Champa in the background admiring her technique. (You’ll find a recipe for mamaliga and other Moldovan foods at this excellent blog from a previous Peace Corps couple.)

Pofta buna! Enjoy!

One thought on “Maria’s Kitchen: Slicing Mamaliga”

  1. David, I am a Southern, I suppose since I was born here on this farm in NC. I would say that the closest thing that southerners can relate to would be grits that have been cooked with less water or milk than usually needed. Then the “grits” have been molded and sliced and yes a string would be logical as we slice cake layers with strings.


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