Giant Sandwiches in Pittsburgh

[Vegetarians Should Consider Skipping This Post.]

We traveled today from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, where we drove around the city, rode the Monongahela Incline and marveled at the endless bridges.

The real highlight, though, was an outrageous lunch we ate at Fat Heads, a local saloon that features “headwiches” — sandwiches as big as a person’s head. We saw it recommended on both the Roadfood and Food Network sites.

FullSizeRender 129

Champa ordered the Bay of Pigs, made with pulled pork, ham, Swiss, pickles, honey mustard and “killer sauce.” The menu compared it to “an invasion of your stomach.” I ate the Mighty Fine Bovine, which featured brisket, pastrami, Swiss, hot pepper-kraut, onion, pickles and garlic-parm mayo. Providing nutritional balance were abundant house-made potato chips.

Each of us could only finish half of our sandwich, so we saved the rest for dinner. This reduced the overall caloric load, cost and guilt for the day. Now we feel virtuous.

Steelers, Pirates, Penguins … all good. Sandwiches as big as your head? Definitely worth a visit.

2 thoughts on “Giant Sandwiches in Pittsburgh”

  1. David, thanks so much for writing this blog. The next best thing to a real roadtrip is vicarious enjoyment of someone else’s! Namaste.


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