The Other Presidential Election

Quiz time!

With the U.S. election just a month away, you may now consider yourself an expert on political slogans. Well, other countries have elections and slogans, too, so let’s see how smart you really are.

Moldova has a presidential election on October 30. I avoid local politics since I am a Peace Corps volunteer here, but I’ve been interested to watch the campaign. I’ve created a fun quiz so you can participate, too.  Try to match the following English translations of some Moldovan campaign slogans with the billboards on which they appeared. The answers are at the bottom.

Ready? Here are the slogans from six billboards I’ve seen along my bus route:

1. Moldova has a future. The solution is coming soon.

2. I can get more for Moldova

3. Together we are stronger

4. I hear. I listen. I solve.

5. Change for Moldova

6. Moldova has a future in Romania

Here are the billboards:













Answers: 1-E, 2-C , 3-F , 4-D, 5-A, 6-B 

Did you get them all right (without using Google Translate)? Nice job — you’ve made America great for slogans again … or perhaps we’re all just stronger with slogans together.





7 thoughts on “The Other Presidential Election”

  1. Hi Dwight! A significant number of Moldovans feel their country is historically and culturally a part of Romania, and should be reunited with it. Others disagree, especially many Moldovans with ethnic ties to Russia. The question of whether Romania would agree to unification (probably yes) is much less contentious than the internal debate.


  2. Yurie Leanca is an interesting guy. He speaks English: if you get a chance to meet him, do it! (He came to my town a couple of times but I was always too shy to approach him & didn’t really know what to say …) While he was Prime Minister, his Minister of Education, Maia Sandu, started some good reforms. The election in 2015 took them out of power and Leanca started his new party.

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  3. P.S. – The Moldovans have to vote for a party rather than a person for President so these billboards are soliciting votes and supports for parties by promoting the person who would be President if the party won enough votes to determine who will be President. This is also true on the local level with their town councils (so they get a slate for “mayor” plus all the members of the town council.) I don’t know whether they can vote for one party to run the national government and a different party to run the local stuff. Also, I don’t know what happens at the Raion (county) level.

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  4. Ack! I’m such a know-it-all that I forgot to say what got me excited about commenting here in the first place! I LOVE the way you presented these billboards! They evoke all sorts of things …

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