Since You Asked


We have 10 days left until we leave for Peace Corps Moldova. We’ve sold Champa’s car, the storage room is nearly full and the movers will be removing the last of our furniture momentarily.

It seems like a good time to answer some of the questions you’ve asked us:

How long will you be gone?

We’re scheduled for three months of training followed by two years of service. We hope to return at the end of the summer of 2018.

What will you be doing?

Champa is in an English-teaching program for primary schools. David will be working with some kind of local community organization.

What language do they speak there?

The main language is Romanian, which is what we’re learning. We may also learn some Russian, which is widely spoken.

Where will you live?

Since we’re in different programs, we’ll be living with host families in different places during our training, meeting up on the weekend. Assuming we make it through training, we’ll swear in as Peace Corps volunteers and then live together in the city or town where we’re assigned our jobs.

What’s the weather like?

Hot in the summer and cold in the winter. People compare it to Boston or Minnesota.

Do they pay you?

Peace Corps will provide us with enough money to live modestly and pay for all of our food and other expenses. When we’re finished, we’ll each receive a small “readjustment allowance.”

Do you expect to return to Durham?

We do, enthusiastically, but one thing about Peace Corps is that it reveals doors you never knew were there. We’ll see what happens.

Can we keep in touch with you?

We hope you will! Please write us through Facebook or by e-mail at and

What will you miss the most?

Do you even need to ask? Our six answers range from Paula, age 9, to the twins, who just turned one. Four of them are pictured above.





2 thoughts on “Since You Asked”

  1. Best wishes to you both!! I look forward to following your adventure and service through the blog.


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