Balancing the Goals

Peace Corps has three goals but devotes most of its attention to one of them, even though volunteers generally end up saying their biggest impact came from the other two, which focus on communications and enhancing international friendship. As someone who thinks a lot about communications and cares about the Peace Corps deeply, first serving … Continue reading Balancing the Goals

Guest Post: Are Volunteers Over-Connected?

Are too many of today’s Peace Corps volunteers spending their time texting friends back home and downloading American television programs instead of interacting with people in their villages? Do their parents hover from afar, like the “helicopter parents” of U.S. university students? Those provocative questions were raised by a reader of my recent post, on how … Continue reading Guest Post: Are Volunteers Over-Connected?

They’re Not ‘Shitholes’

That agency is the Peace Corps, in which I served twice as a volunteer. On Wednesday, the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) highlighted on LinkedIn a talk I gave recently arguing the Peace Corps is way too focused on “development” and not enough on helping Americans and others to learn about each other. No one … Continue reading They’re Not ‘Shitholes’