Funny Peace Corps Videos

It helps to have a sense of humor if you’re a Peace Corps volunteer. Over the years, volunteers around the world have produced funny videos about their experiences. Here are three of my favorites. If you know of other funny Peace Corps videos that could be added to this list, please add a comment and share your suggestion.


The third video, “Poop in a Hole,” is no longer on YouTube but is available on Facebook here.





My Favorite Books

‘Tis the season for year-end lists of favorite books. Here’s mine from Moldova. I downloaded almost all of these books onto my Kindle for free through the online OverDrive system which, as I’ve written previously, is the best thing that ever happened to a Peace Corps Volunteer who likes to read.   I could fill … Continue reading My Favorite Books

Robots at the Library

If “robotics” sounds daunting to you, well, it did to me, too. Then I agreed to help launch a robotics program at the library where I work as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ialoveni. Now I can program a small robot to roam around the room, pick up objects, avoid collisions and roar like a … Continue reading Robots at the Library